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Electric Dreams in Los Angeles, CA has the best selection of slot cars and slot car accessories in Southern California. Stop by the Electric Dreams store in Los Angeles to check out our selection of new and vintage slot cars. For over 20 years, Electric Dreams has been offering slot cars from Slot.it, Pink Kar, Scalextric, Dreamslot, Pioneer, Spirit, TRSF, Carrera, Cartrix, Sloter, Fly, Auto Art, SCX, Racer, Revell , NSR, Ninco, MMK, and Proto Slot Kit. At out Los Angeles store, we also carry a wide selection of accessories, slot car parts, slot car tracks, power supplies and car controllers. Call or stop by Electric Dreams today. We are your source for slot cars and slot car accessories in Los Angeles, CA.

What Are Slot Cars Made Out Of?

Slot cars are the hobby of choice for a dedicated group of people. They enjoy the craftsmanship of the models, and all the intricate machinery that goes into creating one of these miniatures. No one should ever think that these are made from cheap or shoddy material. These small cars are made to be very durable collectibles.

Slot cars are at scales of 1/64, 1/32 and 1/24. These small pieces contain body, engine, tires, and all other kinds of parts that could be expected of a full-sized automobile. The engine gets power from electric lines that are neither side of the slot, and the cars required 18 to 20 VDC. The car bodies are made from PETG plastic primarily, although it is possible to make slot cars from Lexan polycarbonate sheet. What continues to be amazing about slot cars is that in spite of the very tiny size, all of the parts and features of a large car is placed with in the composition. These are as close to real thing as is possible.

We know how much hobbyists in Los Angeles enjoy their pastime. We stock not only some of the best models, including vintage ones, but also all of the parts necessary to keep the miniatures in good repair. We sell the tools needed to do the job as well. Combine all this with the car track and accessories we have, any slot car enthusiasts will find us as a one-stop place to go for all of needs. We invite everybody who enjoys slot cars to pay us a visit and be totally amazed at what we have for them.

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